About us

"Atria" is an Iranian progressive/djent band founded by Amirshahab Khorrami in 2009 in Tehran. Their first instrumental progressive album called "Sound Of Atria", was released in 2010 having "Farhad Zabolipour" as the drummer and "Ramin Moghadasi" as the bassist. The band manged to have some gigs in small halls during the time due to the overall bannment of their music in Iran and stopped performing from 2014 to 2016. Atria decided to have a major change in the genre and started to write the second album in 2016 and had it finished by 2017, and finally released by Metaleast records company in 2020 with the latest line up ( Amirshahab Khorrami/ Guitars, Salman Kerdar/vocals, Shirin Vaezi/Drums, Amir Homayoun Dasti/Bass, Aria Mirshekari/Keys, Back vocals). The process of releasing the second album took long but didn't stop the band from performing it as the opening act for bands like "Kalmah" in 2017, "Omnium Gatherum", "Phidion" and "Wolfheart" in 2019 in Dubai. Atria is known to be the first and only metal band with a female drummer in Iran and performed many official shows in different music halls. One of the most outstanding performances was the "Paliz festival" show with orchestral arrangement in 2018.

AtriA is :


Amirshahab Khorrami : Founder , Guitarist


Salman Kerdar : Vocals


Shirin Vaezi : Drums


Amirshomayoon Dasti : Bass


Aria Mirshekari : Synth , Guitars , Back Vocals